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The Virginia Newspaper Project has just added thirteen titles to Virginia Chronicle, the Library of Virginia’s newspaper repository and database.

The titles are:

  • The Commercial Bulletin (Richmond)
  • Jeffersonian Republican (Charlottesville)
  • The Amherst Progress (Amherst)
  • The Campaign (Richmond)
  • Afro-American Churchman (Petersburg)
  • The Critic (Richmond)
  • The Evening News (Harrisonburg)
  • Evening Truth (Richmond)
  • The Baptist Union (Danville)
  • The Missionary Weekly (Richmond)
  • The Roanoke Baptist Union (Danville)
  • The Children’s Friend (Richmond)
  • Virginia Farmer (Emporia)

Just click on the link for Virginia Chronicle and you’re on your way to hours of fascinating reading and research with over 300,000 Virginia imprint newspaper pages to choose from.

Errol Somay

Former Newspaper Project Director

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