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In Memory of Dave Brockie (1963 – 2014)
Perhaps the earliest newspaper photo of Oderus Urungus (A.K.A Dave Brockie) of GWAR?

From VCU’s student newspaper The Commonwealth Times, 4 November 1986.

Announcement for GWAR’s “Phallus in Wonderland” a “Completely unique mini-musical movie.”

Throttle, Jan/Feb 1992.

Column “Ramblings” announces GWAR’s upcoming tour.

Throttle, April/May 1994.

RAWG (GWAR without costumes) playing at Twisters.

The Richmond Music Journal, February 1999.

Excerpt from the article “We Tried Everything There is to do in Richmond in 24 Hours” written by John Sarvay. At 4:30, a visit to the Slave Pit.

Caffeine, August 1993.

List of Richmond’s best local bands

The Richmond Music Journal, 1993.

Excerpt and photo from “Time and Money: GWAR’s Biggest Enemies”

RVA Magazine, vol. 4, issue 2, 2008.

Excerpt from the piece “Spawned and Spurned” by Landis Wine.

RVA Magazine vol. 5, issue 4, 2009.

GWAR’s Oderus Urungus (A.K.A. Dave Brockie)

Cover of Style, 28 March 2012.

The Original Scumdogs.

Style 28 March 2012.

Kelley Ewing

Senior Project Cataloger

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