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In memory of Alex Trebek we would like to start your weekend off with some actual questions (ahem…answers) about Virginia from Jeopardy! Just hover your mouse over each block to see the answer (I mean question….quanswer?).

Thanks to J! Archive for the data. Archives can be ever so useful.

In August 1862 the Yanks got beaten near this Virginia creek for the second time in a little over a year.
What is…Bull Run?
The Tides Inn resort hotel in Virginia is on a private peninsula by this bay.
What is…The Chesapeake?
Established in 1619 this representative body in Virginia originally had 22 members.
What is…The House of Burgesses?
In 1811 Virginia had 4 governors: John Tyler, George William Smith, Peyton Randolph, & this fifth president.
Who isJames Monroe?
In a line of succession, husband-wise, this Virginia politician followed Richard Burton & Richard Burton.
Who is…John Warner?
The loggerhead is the most common variety of this in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
What is…a turtle?
This author of The Bone Bed once worked as a computer analyst at the chief medical examiner's office in Richmond.
Who is…Patricia Cornwell?
The most-robbed bank in the United States is the Bank of Hogan in Hogan's Alley, the Quantico, Virginia, mock town where this organization trains its agents in tactical techniques.
What is…The FBI?
The Craddock-Terry Shoe Museum in Lynchburg Va. boasts a pair of her heels of fortune.
Who is…Vanna White?
Virginia's state tree is the flowering type of this "canine" tree.
What is…a Dogwood?
This New Kent County, Virginia woman was the public face of a 1780 campaign to raise money for troop supplies.
Who is…Martha Washington?
Stihl boasts "the best" one of these loud tools "made" & sends them from Virginia Beach to trim trees across the nation.
What is…a chainsaw?

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