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Noble Volunteers: The British Soldiers Who Fought the American Revolution

By Don N. Hagist

Religion and the American Revolution: An Imperial History

By Katherine CarteĀ“

The African Experience in Colonial Virginia: Essays on the 1619 Arrival and the Legacy of Slavery

A Worse Place than Hell: How the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg Changed a Nation

By John Matteson

The Young Crusaders: The Untold Story of the Children and Teenagers Who Galvanized the Civil Rights Movement

By V. P. Franklin

Pregnant Girl: A Story of Teen Motherhood, College, and Creating a Better Future for Young Families

By Nicole Lynn Lewis

Jumping the Broom: The Surprising Multicultural Origins of a Black Wedding Ritual

By Tyler D. Parry

What Big Teeth

By Rose Szabo

Into the New World: Poems

By Robert Schultz

Donna Pletcher

Monographs Cataloger

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