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Everyone has a holiday gift guide now so here are our favorites from the 1956 Miller & Rhoads Christmas Catalog. Or if you don’t care for our suggestions, scroll down and click the cover image to view the whole catalog.

1. Classy Shoes For The Woman Who Is Always On The Run

Promising Review: “Oomphies? Yes please!” -Kathy Jordan, Digital Initiatives & Web Presence Director

2. Masks For Hands

Promising Review: “Disposable gloves are so last season.  With the pandemic headed towards year three a far more affordable, reusable, and fashionable option are these gloves.  And with three colors to choose from, there’s no reason for you not to protect your neighbors and look good doing it.” – Reagen Thalacker, Public Library Consultant

3. A line of tops that make your cute but boring partner seem more interesting (at least to other people)

Promising review: “Very satisfied with the purchase. After meeting my new boyfriend, my friends and family kept saying ‘he’s cute, but don’t you think he’s maybe a little… dull?’ but with his new Janizen sweater vest, people I don’t even know come up to me in public and say ‘wow, what a pensive guy. You’re so lucky”. My mom, at Thanksgiving even said “I was wrong about him, he doesn’t say much but it’s probably because he’s such a deep thinker.” I’m not sure what he’s always looking at in the distance, but it’s definitely made my life easier.” – Mary Ann Mason, Local Records Archivist

4. For Those Who Need a Little Help in the Kitchen

Promising Review: “The true apex of technology, nothing can top this. Except maybe a vacuuming robot. One can dream…” – Alan Arellano, State Records Archivist

5. For The Dear Old Dad Who Wants to be First Mate on a Pirate Ship Sailing to the Land of Nod

Promising review: “Father always said he wished he could fell a few trees before bedtime, and Weldon’s Live-In “Club Lounge” broadcloth pajamas in black and red were the perfect attire! Admittedly though, it was tough getting that double-bit axe into his stocking.” Vince Brooks, Senior Local Records Archivist

6. Spark Some Excitement!

Promising Review: “I always try to find educational toys, and Gilbert’s Senior Chemistry Laboratory is no exception. Includes fun chemicals, such as potassium nitrate and potassium permanganate! The kids have so much fun making explosions and setting things on fire.” – Annie Hatton, Reference Services Librarian

7. For the Coffee Lover Who's Also Crazy about the Periodic Table

Promising Review: “All the stars to this product! I love coffee but was always frustrated with how much space a regular coffee pot took up in my evil lair (limited counter space #citylife). With this carafette I can seamlessly transition from my morning joe to my afternoon Dihydrogen Monoxide with just a simple rinse. Now I can drop the Mad and just be a Scientist.” – Mary Ann Mason, Local Records Archivist

8. For Homebodies with Fashion Sense

Promising Review: “I can take to  bed in style with this lounge jacket, produced by the Minnesota manufacturer that popularized the slogan, “Don’t Say Underwear, say Munsingwear!” Brushed rayon in shades of pink and blue it gives the impression that I am draped in cotton candy. With this cozy yet tailored look, I am the quintessential lady of leisure, discouraging loved ones from interrupting my Very Special Reading Time.” – Becky Schneider, Senior Reference Librarian

9. For the Music-Lover On the Move

Promising Review: “With tone controls and sapphire needle technology and a tweed-textured case to die for, now I can take the dance party anywhere with the “Concert Hall” portable!” – Kelley Ewing, Senior Project Cataloger

10. For "Well-Groomed Girls" Only (Poorly-Groomed Girls Will Not Enjoy This Gift)

Promising Review: “I always used to get foundation powder on my starched blouses. It never occurred to me to put on my makeup before getting dressed so instead I opted for this made-up thing that no one really needs: a make-up cape! I’ve never been so satisfied with an unnecessary purchase!”  – Lydia Neuroth, Project Manager – Virginia Untold

Let us know what you would buy! Click the cover below to view the whole catalog.

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