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The Circuit Court Records Preservation Program (CCRP) Grant Review Board met on 16 December 2021 at the Library of Virginia to consider records preservation grant requests from circuit courts across the commonwealth. Five voting members comprise the board: three circuit court clerks, appointed by the president of the Virginia Court Clerks’ Association; and two staff members from the Library of Virginia, currently the state archivist and a senior local records archivist. Board members meet once a year to evaluate applications. Clerks of the circuit courts are eligible to apply for funds to conserve, secure, and increase access to circuit court records. In all, 101 localities submitted 115 applications.

The board approved all 115 grant projects, totaling $4,722,256. The vast majority of the approved applications covered professional conservation treatment for almost 730 records housed in circuit court clerks’ offices, including deed books, will books, land tax books, marriage licenses, minute books, and plat books, which suffered damage from use, age, pests, water, cellulose acetate lamination, or previous non-professional repairs. The remaining grants funded records reformatting, back-indexing, storage, and environmental control equipment.

The Library of Virginia’s Government Records Division administers the CCRP. A $3.50 recordation fee on land instruments recorded in the circuit court clerks’ offices funds the program. The CCRP provides resources to preserve and make accessible Virginia’s permanent circuit court records. Since 1992, the CCRP has awarded nearly 2,000 preservation grants totaling nearly $30 million dollars.

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Culpeper County, Minute Book 17, 1832-1835

Greg Crawford

State Archivist & Director of Government Records Services


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    Thank you very much in advance for all consideration to our cause.

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