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Archivists recently discovered a previously unknown photograph in some unprocessed Civil War-era state government records. The records concerned President Abraham Lincoln’s April 1865 visit to Richmond, and they expose heretofore-undocumented information. The photo, likely taken by famed photographer Andrew J. Russell, shows clearly that Lincoln used an e-scooter to traverse the hilly downtown streets and riverfront of the former Confederate capital.

This startling discovery challenges the long-held characterization of Lincoln as a “big fan of walking.” This contention was reinforced by contemporaries and by countless biographers of Lincoln. This fascinating archival discovery can finally put to rest the notion that America’s 16th president enjoyed exercising. There is currently no documentary evidence to support the contention of some historians that, when he was finished with the e-scooter, Lincoln threw it in the canal. To be fair, that could have been Tad.

On a more serious note, if you enjoyed this little April Fool’s Day prank, check out some real April 1st front pages from student newspapers in Virginia Chronicle.

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